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Sapphire Experience in Power Generation

With m ore than twenty years experience in Power Generation business, Sapphire is committed to play its role as a major contributor to the growing energy requirements of the country. Since Sapphire installed its first Diesel based Power Plant in 1985, Sapphire has not only multiplied its generation capacity but it has also broadened its knowledge base and developed dependable human resource in the energy sector. Today Sapphire administers a well diversified portfolio of power generation facilities spanning different parts of the country:
Pipe Line Gas : 50.20MW
Furnace Oil : 25.80MW
High Speed Diesel : 27.00MW
Total : 103.00MW

Sapphire Power Generation

Sapphire Power Generation Ltd a member of Sapphire Group was incorporated on 15 th September, 1993 and is licensed by NEPRA as Small Power Producer (SPP) for the generation and distribution of 25.8 MW of power on furnace oil based Internal Combustion Engines. It is engaged in the business of Generation & distribution of electric power with its plants located at Sheikhupura and Jambarkhurd. The company has built up a team of highly skilled and experienced power professionals who have successfully administered, operated and maintained a 25.8 MW furnace oil based electricity generation and distribution facilities for more than a decade.
Captive Power Plants

Apart from SPP generation, Sapphire Group is currently operating a generation capacity of 27MW on Diesel and 50 MW on pipeline gas. These captive power plants supply power to various manufacturing facilities of Sapphire Group all over the countries.

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